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I did my first ever paid model shoot today. I paid two ladies to pose for photos for my textbook. I want to be able to put the text online (with an "unbound licence"), and for that I need to use my own photos.

The models were very good at modelling considering that it was their first time, and that they are simply students, not professional models. I was blessed. It was the photographer that did not have his act together.

The things I learnt were....
1) You can't have too much light, and I had too little. The day started bright but by midday I did not really have enought light (hence shake and lack of dof above). Too much *directly light* and the shadows would be too strong though, so a bright cloudy day in spring sounds like a good idea. Today was cloudy winter. (Of course if I had a studio then...but I don't have a studio)
2) I asked that the models came with bright coloured clothes and they did that well. But I should have asked that they wear no black, because I know that blacks do not print well at least at my printer. This lady's thin legs are going to be a problem. I wonder how many ladies have blue/pink/green/tights. I might invest in a few pairs and hand them out before the shoot.
3) Do not put the heads in the centre of the frame you fool! About the only thing I can remember from my photography course is that amateurs put the face in the middle of the frame and loose out on the bottom of the legs and put a lot of useless stuff at the top of the frame. That is what I did.
4) Do not move too far back. My lens is a bit wide and I was sheepish so I had a tendcy to back off. That combined with 3) above, I moved back far enough to keep legs in the frame while their faces were in the middle, meaing that I was too far away from my subject. My Canon 40D does not have enough resolution to spare that I can back away like this. **I will put a mark on the ground and keep my ground standing with my feet on the mark.**
5) Bring a step-ladder/platform so as to be able to take photos from above the subject. They look good. I did not take enough.
6) Patter. This is probably half of what it takes to be a good model photographer - having a patter that keeps the models in a good mood. The best I could do (and it did not work too badly) was to mimic the words/vocalisations that accompany their poses in my poofy falsetto. This made me seem silier than them (takes the pressure off them) and puts them in the mood. I will go with that.
7) 15 minutes is a long time. I did half an hour but we were all pretty tired after 15 minutes.
8) Get hold of a proper model release. Mine was very general and brief. I want to be clear that I really do own the images and at the same time protect the models from all uhappy uses of the photo.
9) Ask the models to keep looking at the camera or at least forward since it is rare that one can use a shot where you can't see a model's eyes. Some sort of cuddly toy on a post, or attached to a pole coming out of the top of the camera, or a hat with something to look at might be a good idea. Next time I might wear a Father Christmas hat and say "Keep your eyes on the bobble."
10) Practice the exposure beforehand and get it right before the models arrive. I should have over-exposed more than I did, due to the white-ish background. (Yes, I wish there were a white white wall near me)
11) Two models at once cost twice as much, but they keep each other cheerful so it is money well spent. All the same, zoom in on one model at a time. In any event I need to zoom in more or buy an even more expensive camera.
12) The more poses you can think of in advance the better. Each one does not take long. The variety keeps everyone interested. I should have had more poses even if they are not needed by the textbook just to keep everyone on the ball, happy, motivated. I guess that professional models can come up with poses themselves, but professional models cost an awful lot more. Japanese ladies fashion magazines sometimes have lists (that is to say sequences of photos) of cute poses in them. I should get hold of one of those magazines and run through a sequence of poses. I could look at some good modelled photos and run through a sequence of poses "now pout, now point at me, how point in the air, now hide your mouth, now face sideways and look at me from the sidelong, good, now stick out your tongue, now pretend to wipe away a tear...." that sort of thing.
And I am sure that there are a million more things I should have done.

But anyway, I think that if I get as lucky as I did today on a few more days I will be able to replace the micro-stock photos in my textbook with photos of my own.

Ichibankan & Kinokuniya Haul

Ichibankan & Kinokuniya Haul

Went to Japantown while Ian was at school. Went to Ichibankan & Kinokuniya. I'm going to start buying / collecting japanese fashion magazines again. Sometimes I'm tired of looking at magazine scans online. I bought the Rilakkuma folders to decorate my wall with. I was almost tempted to buy a Rilakkuma plush.. but I didn't. The ice cream figurines to decorate my desk/ book shelf with. The notebooks to practice my japanese writing in & deco cases to put my deco stuff in.

japanese fashion magazines online

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