Kool Kids Fashion

kool kids fashion

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kool kids fashion - Bratz Big

Bratz Big Babyz Doll - Jade

Bratz Big Babyz Doll - Jade

Before the Bratz were everybody's favorite fashion friends, they were the baby girls with a passion for fashion. This is where it all began - the funky fashions, the sizzlin' accessories and the far-out friendship! Look out, these Babyz already know how to flaunt it, and they're keepin' it real in the crib.
Jade comes with her pet cat. Jade measures approximately 12" tall.

Adorably babyish yet still super funky, the Bratz Big Babyz dolls are tiny tot versions of the styley teens. Just as full of "passion for fashion" as their older counterparts, the Big Babyz come with fabulous outfits, cool accessories, style certificates, and oversized baby bottle necklaces. They are as cute as the original Bratz Babyz but super-sized to 13 inches for even more fashion fun. Made of sturdy, smooth plastic, these little toddlers stand up and sit on their own, and their arms rotate fully, so they can dance, play, and get down all day.
Cutting-edge cute, Bratz Big Babyz Jade wears silver earrings, a low-slung pleated white skirt, a black tank with a blue flower decal, and some punk-inspired black boots. Her pop-off ponytails are adorned with fabulous red pompoms, and even her fingernails are painted bright red. All clothes are fully removable, so Jade can be dressed in other Babyz fashion packs, available separately. Her playful Kool Kat is also included. --Emily Bedard

85% (18)

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York. This has been called "Possibly the most Williamsburg photo ever taken" on Racked. Hey, I lived in the East Village and LES back in the day (early 80's and 90's). But I had to ask my niece who lives in Williamsburg what that means. Here is her Brown U.-educated response:

ahh, yesss.... image analysis. what i was trained for!

- cute couple wearing smart trendy clothes
- hot girl smoking on the stoop
- bodega that says bedford
- lots of signs and band stickers on the lampposts
- pretty but just slightly gritty environs
- lush foliage along the post-collegiate hipster promenade

the real kicker is that couple.
girl is super cute and wearing cool clothes. boy looks indie and could be in a mathrock band. you want to be them. you already are them. (bedford denizens)

love it.


Bobby - Style

Bobby  -   Style

My grandson fixed his hair - I fixed the photo

kool kids fashion

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