Twenties Fashion Pictures

twenties fashion pictures

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  • File:1920s decade montage.png|From left, clockwise: Third Tipperary Brigade Flying Column No. 2 under Sean Hogan during the Irish Civil War; Prohibition agents destroying barrels of alcohol in accordance to the 18th amendment, which made alcoholic beverages illegal throughout the entire decade;

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twenties fashion pictures - Flapper Era

Flapper Era Fashions: From the Roaring 20s

Flapper Era Fashions: From the Roaring 20s

New in our successful collection of books showcasing historical, every day fashions comes an assortment of photographs documenting trends in the mid-1920s. During post-World War I's economic revival, women emerged from an era of corsets, long gowns, and formality to express their independence. Sheath dresses were designed to mimic mannish styles, while hemlines and haircuts were shortened. Even men's suits changed, to include exaggerated shoulders and an emphasis on narrow hips. Children often were dressed to honor recent war heroes. More than 380 beautiful images feature hundreds of clothing styles from the catalogs of Bellas Hess & Company, and The Charles William Stores, Inc. Costume designers seeking to recreate an era, collectors looking for vintage clothing, and fashion designers looking for inspiration for today's looks, will all find something new here.

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The Hon. Henrietta Ludlow in Mourning, Albumen Cart de Visite, Circa 1860

The Hon. Henrietta Ludlow in Mourning, Albumen Cart de Visite, Circa 1860

Written on front, "Hon. Mrs. Ludlow." On Reverse: "Judge Ludlow's wife, Phil. Penn"

Henrietta Frances Lorett, born in about 1827 in New York, was the daughter of Harriet L. Draper and Javez Lorett. ("The Drapers in America: being a history and genealogy of those of that name" By Thomas Waln-Morgan Draper, page 88). She was the wife of James Reilly Ludlow, a noted Philadelphia judge, and mother of Anna Cathleen, Clarissa Draper (married Charles Gibbons, Jr., of Philadelphia), Harriet Louisa (married Dr. Joseph S. Neff), Elizabeth Fisher (married Jacob L. van Dewenter of Netherwood, NJ), Amy, and William Henry Ludlow. Henrietta is not in mourning for her husband in this picture, as he did not die until some 20 years after this image was taken. Her daughter, Anna, died on 19 January 1871 at age 20, but that is also too late a date to square with her fashions here.

Ludlow's professional biography, included in the 1887 "Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society held at Philadelphia for promoting useful knowledge":

"On the 3rd of May, 1825, in the City of Albany, in the State of New York, James R. Ludlow was born. His father, the Rev. Dr. John Ludlow, was a minister of the Old Dutch Reformed Church. This venerable Society had an historical character. Its influence in the earlier days of New York was marked, and much yet remains. The Dutch settlers of that Province were earnest, sincere, sluggish, but patriotic people. The Patroons were noted men in their time. The Van Rensselaer Manor was historical. The Patroons, Van Rensselaer, even to a late period were esteemed and respected in social circles.

"The anti-rent excitement half a century ago, was evolved out of the relations between these manors and the tenants.

"The Rev. Dr. Ludlow was an educated, cultivated gentleman. He was professor of languages in the Theological Department of the New Brunswick, New Jersey, School of the Dutch Reformed Church. In the year 1834 Dr. Ludlow came to Philadelphia and was elected
Provost of the University of Pennsylvania, in which post he served for nearly twenty years.

"When Dr. Ludlow came to this city, his son James entered the University of Pennsylvania and graduated with distinction in July, 1843. He then became a student of law with the Hon. Wm. M. Meredith. It may not be out of place to say of Mr. Meredith that he was one of the
ablest lawyers of this country. On the admission of James R. Ludlow to the bar on July 34, 1846, he entered on the practice of his profession in this city. Earnest, faithful, industrious, he began to establish a professional character that promised success.

"In 1850 he was appointed Assistant District Attorney of the United States and earned high repute for his conduct of some of the Government cases. He learned rapidly the science of the law, and mastered its practical details. In 1856 he was named as a candidate for the District Attorneyship of Philadelphia. His reputation had grown, his professional standing was

"In 1857 he was nominated for Judge of the Court of Common Pleas, Philadelphia County, and elected, and in November, 1857, took his seat on the Bench. His term of ten years expired in 1867, and he was reelected.

"By the Constitution of the State of Pennsylvania, which was amended
in the year 1873, the Courts of the County of Philadelphia were reorganized. By this organic law, four Courts of Common Pleas were established. Each had a President Judge and two Associates. Judge Ludlow became President Judge of Court of Common Pleas, No. 3.

"In 1877 Judge Ludlow was again elected without opposition. He held that position until his death. His judicial life began in 1857, and ended, by his death, in 1886. Thirty years of judicial labor was the training he received. He gained the respect and confidence of his fellow-citizens. They appreciated his honesty, impartiality, his courage and his learning.

"As a judge, his reputation was substantial. In the law and equity sides of the Court he was admittedly a safe and conservative administrator of the high trust conferred on him. His conscientiousness was proverbial. He possessed and developed the highest courage in the impartiality with which he adjudged the questions he was called upon to determine. It may be said he died the victim of continuous, conscientious labors. He investigated and examined, and came to his conclusions after patient study of the law involved in the decisions of those cases, the importance of which made severe demands on his time. He took nothing for granted. He believed his duty required his best efforts, and was not satisfied that errors inconsiderately made might be possibly corrected in a court of review.

"It may be said of Judge Ludlow, that in dealing with the science of the criminal law he became an authority in this country. His tastes led him to study physiology and psychology. To facilit

Cats do care. For example they know instinctively what time we have to be at work in the morning and they wake us up twenty minutes before the alarm goes off.

Cats do care.  For example they know instinctively what time we have to be at work in the morning and they wake us up twenty minutes before the alarm goes off.

~Michael Nelson

And ..

There is something about the presence of a cat... that seems to take the bite out of being alone. ~Louis J. Camuti

And i Guess that part sure is true :) they sure can be a full time entertainment and turn into a companion .. This cat (Thambi) knew he was regal and a looker and made sure he walked around hide behind flower pots but turn and look if i am still following him on all fours and still taking his pictures :P and quite a poser he sure was :) check the pictures in comment to get the idea why :)

Canon 40D, Canon 50mm 1.4 USM , 1/3200s f/1.8 ISO200 50mm

twenties fashion pictures

twenties fashion pictures

Roaring 20s Fashions: Jazz (Schiffer Book for Collectors)

Dubbed "The Jazz Age" by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the 1920s were characterized as a decade of frenetic fun. In the fashion world, clothes began to lose the last vestiges of the fussy, frilly Edwardian era as they grew more svelte and "simple." This wonderful, in-depth look at the styles of the Jazz Age and the people who wore them covers the first half of the 1920s -- years that served as a prelude to "The Party of the Century," as Fitzgerald called part two of this free-wheeling decade. A combination of vintage images, professional photographs of existing garments, and period artists' illustrations vividly display clothing and accessories for men, women, and children worn from 1920 through 1924. Clothing for all occasions is featured, including evening wear, day wear, the all-important sports fashions, lingerie, and even wedding attire. Fascinating timelines place the fashions in their proper setting, describing each year's film, music, literary, and couture trends. Among the book's many highlights are rare French pochoir fashion plates and photos of authentic signed haute couture gowns by Patou and Fortuny. This informative and visually engaging book will delight fashion and history connoisseurs alike. A companion volume covers fashions from the years 1925 to 1929.

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